3 Reasons to Choose Healthy Water

Drinking Healthy Water Will Lead to a Healthy Life and Healthy Life Will

Lead to a Joyful and Abundant Life



The five quality factors of healthy water:

  1. Alkalinity (pH>8.5-10)
  2. Antioxidants (negative ORP -160 ~ -400mV), to neutralize free radicals
  3. Small molecular size (5-6 molecules)
  4. Contains minerals (ionized Ca, Mg, and K)
  5. Purity (free of chlorine & other contamination)



  1. Avoid environmental pollution: Plastic bottles pile up as mountains of waste.
  2. Through testing, most bottled water brands contain no antioxidants and are impure.



  1. Less than 50 cents per day for a family of 4 to drink and cook,

as compared to $2-3 per day to buy bottled water

  1. Produce your own acidic water for cleaning and disinfecting, to eliminate the

cost of purchasing cleaning agents